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The Union Heritage Ventures Perspective

Union Heritage Ventures is a majority African American- and woman-owned venture capital firm headquartered in Michigan. We are a Michigan-first investor and take a generalist approach with focus on the Consumer, Technology, Life Sciences, Mobility, Clean Energy/Climate Tech, Media and Entertainment, and Advanced Manufacturing sectors. We invest in companies and founders who leverage their cultural competency to solve important problems that have a definitive, positive impact on underrepresented communities.

  • Industries: Consumer, Technology, Life Sciences, Mobility, Clean Energy/Climate Tech, Media & Entertainment, and Advanced Manufacturing
  • Stage: Pre-Seed – Series A
  • Range of Check Size (Depending on Stage): $50k-$1 million
  • Geographic Focus: All companies must be incorporated in the U.S.
  • Product & Business Model: We do not invest in idea-stage companies. Even with limited resources, we believe the founding team should have interviewed a statistically significant number of paying customers and used their creativity for at least a proof of concept (e.g., lab experimentation, Minimum Viable Product, etc.).
  1. Our initial intake form helps us get critical answers up front, so we use your valuable time wisely in an initial meeting. Expect to provide information to help us understand the problem and how you’re solving it, market size, scalability, team expertise, product strategy, and, most importantly, immediate and future milestones.
  2. If, after reviewing the information provided in our intake form, there might be a fit, we’ll reach out to schedule an initial call. In this call, we’ll want to learn more about you and your motivation for building this business.
  3. Should there be an initial founder/investor fit after this first call, we’ll begin due diligence activities.
Our Strategic Value
We provide strategic values to the companies in our portfolio because of our diverse experience across industry:
Experience building leading sales organizations to drive revenue growth
Expert public relations and consumer marketing strategies
High-impact relationships in the private and public sectors
Connectivity to early-stage strategic resources and alternative funding
Catalytic Resources
We also provide unique and differentiated access to capital and growth opportunities for diverse founders and their companies.
Legal Support

With decades of experience representing technology companies both in-house and in private practice, our partner attorneys guide founders through the entire corporate lifecycle, from formation and fundraising to scaling and exit, offering efficient and creative solutions along the way.

CFO Services

Assembling the right operating and advisory team to guide the organization is essential to overcome the inherent risks in every new venture. Our fractional CFO services can contribute to a startup providing impact at a delicate company stage, providing support to excel in financial operations and fundraising.


Accounting is often an overlooked, yet essential component of monthly, quarterly, and annual operations. Our services will provide support to automate and improve the bookkeeping activities for better operations and financial management.

Coaching & Mental Health

Mental and physical health is fundamental to building a successful company and often is not addressed until founders are in a dire state. Our services provide executive coaching and mental health resources, because as former founders we know that a company is only as healthy as its leaders.

Our Portfolio
Highlighted Firm Investments
Angel Investments